Youth programs

“Traditions run strong in cocoa communities. By offering training to young people, we hope to interest and inspire a new generation of farmers.”

Jean-Ponce Assi, Secretary General, Barry Callebaut SACO

Cocoa farming as a livelihood

Barry Callebaut supports programs such as the ECHOES alliance that provide agricultural and vocational training to young people.

ECHOES stands for Empowering Cocoa Households with Opportunities and Education Solutions. The program is managed by the World Cocoa Foundation.

Barry Callebaut worked with the World Cocoa Foundation, its NGO partners and the Jacobs Foundation on an education project in Akoupé in Ivory Coast. Local representatives from the NGOs and community members established a demonstration plot for training on agricultural practices. Agricultural training programs were offered to out-of-school youth living in the community, and a new cocoa curriculum is being planned for students attending the Akoupé school.