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Business management

“The result is that we increase quantity and quality from year to year.”

Marcellin Degbue, Director, CABOHGA

Improving effectiveness and efficiency

The Quality Partner Program offers cooperatives a range of training opportunities as well as financing support.

Activities include:

  • Training in good governance, including democratic principles, leadership, member involvement and, in particular, women’s involvement and leadership
  • Training in business administration, accounting and finance
  • Training to better understand the needs and kinds of support services required by members, as well as how to maintain good relationships with farmer members and customers
  • Sensitization on the issues related to child labor in cocoa and the importance of education for children of cocoa farmers

Many cooperatives need financing assistance before the start of the crop season as well as during the season to support their farmer members and for operational purposes. Barry Callebaut provides financing in the form of interest-free loans to QPP member cooperatives at the start of the main crop harvest. The loans are paid back during that crop season.

Marcellin Degbue, director of the cooperative CABOHGA, describes the benefits of participating in the Quality Partner Program:
“We can provide our members with materials and organize training. The result is that we increase quantity and quality from year to year.”