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Training the modern cocoa farmer

“We see an urgent need to rejuvenate aging farms and to encourage farmers and young people to grow cocoa in a sustainable way. The future of cocoa depends on it.”
Jean-Ponce Assi, Secretary General, Barry Callebaut SACO

Productive farms, healthy cocoa crops

Training and support services help farmers improve the productivity of their farms and grow healthy, robust cocoa crops.

By participating in Farmer Field Schools and other training activities, producers have the opportunity to increase their skills and knowledge about good agricultural practices as well as responsible and safe labor practices. They learn how to effectively manage pests and diseases that can harm the fragile and sensitive cocoa plant. And, they learn about the importance of ensuring biodiversity on their farms.

In addition to agricultural training, farmers are offered opportunities for business skills training. A special focus is given to young people who are encouraged to develop the necessary agricultural and business-management skills to be able to earn a successful livelihood from cocoa farming.