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We aim to help ensure that cocoa offers a livelihood for future generations of farmers.

Working together to address community challenges

Cocoa is grown in a narrow band around the Equator by mainly smallholder farmers and their families in some of the poorest areas of the world. There is often a shortage of adequate schools, qualified teachers, medical facilities and supplies, clean water and energy sources.

Barry Callebaut has made a long-term commitment to work with farmers to improve cocoa production practices while at the same time addressing critical social challenges in communities where farmers and their families live.  We believe this combined approach offers the best potential to increase farm productivity, increase household incomes, and improve family and community livelihoods. 

In our Community Development activities in cocoa growing regions in Africa we work together with communities and farmer groups to ascertain needs and contribute solutions in 4 key areas: Education, Child Protection, Women's Empowerment, and Health. We work with farmers and farmer groups to improve access to education and basic healthcare in cocoa farming communities. We emphasize the importance of schooling for children of cocoa farmers, support community sensitization activities on child labor issues, empower women and protect the health and well-being of communities with sanitation services and access to safe drinking water.