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Depleted soils, poor farming practices, aging trees and aging farmers have led to a decline in productivity. Improving the quality of cocoa farms in West Africa is therefore an urgent issue.

Ivory Coast is the biggest supplier of cocoa in the world. While cocoa volumes grew steadily in the past, production methods have declined. The result has been a decrease in yields and an increase in pests and diseases. That’s why we support training in sound and sustainable farming practices.

In addition to offering training programs for farmers, Barry Callebaut works with cooperatives to help them become stronger and better equipped to meet the needs of their farmer members. 

Services that cooperatives may be asked by their farmer members to provide include access to cocoa seedlings, agricultural inputs such as fertilizers or pesticides, or farming or transportation equipment.

To encourage biodiversity and to reduce the dependence of farm families on a single crop, Barry Callebaut encourages the cultivation of other food and cash crops.